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Sterling Silver Jewelry - Must-Know Facts

Silver and Sterling Silver

Silver is among the three archetypal valuable metals, the other two being gold and platinum. It has even been used as legal tender money in the olden days.

The content of silver in pure silver is 99.9%, which makes it too elastic and acquiescent.

Silver has been widely used for making jewelry. But for jewelry making the pure form of silver is not suitable as it is quite malleable. Thus sterling silver came into being. Sterling silver is an assortment of silver and copper, in a fixed percentage ratio of 92.5:7.5.

Copper provides it solidity, sturdiness and even provides resistance against tarnish.

The term 'sterling silver' has its origin around 13th century in England. But this form of silver gained its popularity and demand in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Use of Silver in Jewelry Making

Since age old times, silver has always remained a favorite with jewelers. Jewelry made of sterling silver is gaining popularity these days as it is long-lasting and even pocket friendly when compared to jewelry made out of gold or platinum. Jewelry made out of sterling silver is refined and is available in intricate and up-to-minute designs. The addition of copper makes it compatible to all twists and turns. The addition of copper to silver makes the jewelry more durable and adds to its sheen and helps in reducing the rate of smudge. Since pre-historic times, the silver has been perfectly blended with jewels and beads in making silver rings or silver bracelets. Sterling silver provided relief from the age old use of only gold jewelry which at times is to flashy. This jewelry can match all types of skin colors, thus making every woman attractive.

Use of silver wire in making jewelry

With the ever changing fashion industry the demand for new form of jewelry has popped up. Silver wire is an amazing form, which is being excessively used to silhouette designer pieces. Sterling silver is a pricey form of silver wire. Depending on the wire gauze, working of sterling silver wire can be either easy to work amid or can be rigid. While giving the shape, the pure form of silver wire is used as it is easily malleable and ductile. Wire which is silver plated is a substitute for the silver wire, and the base used is generally copper. The silver plated wire also needs to be coated to protect them from ruination. With the succession of twist, wraps and spirals and insertion of crystals and gems, the special pieces of jewelry are being designed. Exquisite styles and designs of silver rings, silver chains, silver bracelets, silver pendants and silver earrings all are available. Its marvelous glitter makes it pleasing to eyes and is available at pocket friendly prices.

Steps to take care of jewelry

With the increasing demand of sterling silver jewelry, the need to take care of it even arises. The following steps should be kept in mind to retain your favorite silver rings, silver bracelets and silver pendants:

  • Only soft cloth and mild washing agents should be used to clean the jewelry.
  • If the piece of jewelry contains some gems or stones the soapy solution is only recommended as harsh soap solutions can harm the jewelry's cement used to fix it up.
  • Toothpaste can be used to get back the lost sheen of the jewelry.
  • The silver jewelry is open to corrosion when wore in water and air, so it is advisable to remove the jewelry while doing household and kitchen work.

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